Sales Convention 2015

Super Session Speaker

Super Session Speaker


Matthew Ferrara

With an emphasis on growth leadership, Matthew Ferrara teaches organizations how to use management technology effectively to develop their people and create great results.

When Matthew left talk radio and began delivering workshops for local associations in New England, he discovered through a wide array of channels that there WAS a better way to grow a fruitful sales career. His mission to discover the very best practices out there and share them with aspiring entrepreneurs around the world has earned him countless return appearances.

Glittering, Glistening and Glum (Super Session – All Audiences)

This Super Session workshop connects creative writing to real estate marketing. Over the past decade, our industry has done a lot to address how photography and video can affect sales numbers, yet during that time, many of us have overlooked the written word. Our bios are dull. Our listing presentations use generic, non-enticing language. Our online listings are written with clichés and throw-away terms. In this dynamic session, not only will we put some much-needed energy back into written marketing and spoken presentations (i.e., your elevator speech, listing presentation, open house greetings, recruiting messages, etc.), but we’ll also have a ton of fun doing it!

Learn how to:

  • Use creative writing exercises to think, speak and promote yourself (and your listings!) better
  • Draw from compelling descriptions in literature, non-real estate marketing and renown speeches
  • Re-write your bio and elevator speech to be most effective
  • Analyze commonly used listings and company text
  • Brush-up your company story (great for customer and recruit presentations!)
  • Wordsmith your listings into a more compelling story format