Sales Convention 2015

“Steampunk City” Theme Party

“Steampunk City” Theme Party

What’s more REVOLUTIONARY than imagining what the world would be like if the future had happened sooner?
Steampunk, an extraordinary 21st century subculture and artist movement, is just that.

It’s where the Wild West meets the Matrix. It’s mechanical, maniacal and perhaps even a little mad hatter.
Join Us and experience a REvolutionary mashup of entertainment!

(Steampunk costuming and accoutrements are encouraged!)

  • Gantry Bike Show
  • Extraordinary circus acts
  • Masterfully mixed music
  • Artists and oddities of all sorts
  • Unique victuals and libations
  • Jugglers, contortionists & stilt walkers, oh my!
  • Costume party